No more Saturday mail?

Wow, as I woke up I saw this on my yahoo feed:

It looks like the post office has finally decided to stop delivery mail on Saturday to cut back on costs.  This has been discussed for a while as increasing fuel/labor costs have made sending cheap mail (less than $0.50 for 1oz) a losing venture.  

While I can understand that people will be outraged that this public service is no longer available every day of the week, I can’t really blame the post office.  They’ve been bleeding money year after year and that comes straight out of tax payer dollars.  I understand that there is a benefit to having public programs that are available to all, but at some point we may have to reduce those programs, but never abolish them entirely.  

I think this is a good move for the post office and if Saturday mail is very important to people then people will have to speak-up, but as it stands I don’t think there’s a good financial reason for us to have saturday mail.  Thoughts?

Happy Distractions!

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