Pre-Race sickness

Oh boy less than a week to go, in fact only 3 days left until my first marathon.  It’s been a kind of stressful few weeks with the job search, figuring out how to do my science and not running and I guess all of that has taken a toll on my body.  After my exciting day trip to San Diego (I’ll write about this later), I got back and had a pretty busy Monday.  By that afternoon I was feeling a old headache.  i figured that it was a stress headache from everything going on and not running (which was easy due to the business) or even the cutting back on carbonated beverages which I’ve found has helped me race better.

Well I woke up Tuesday feeling mildly uncomfortable in the head but no other symptoms so I thought I’d just take the day and rest.  I had plenty of fluids and just ended up resting even with 12 hours of sleep!  Well on Wednesday I bought a thermometer for kicks and saw this:


Anyway, if you can’t read it it says 100.8. Yeah… Not good, my body is not pleased. The next few days involve a lot of travel so hopefully I’ll get plenty of rest and fluids and will hopefully be better before Sunday! Also shout out to the NFL refs for potentially agreeing and coming back for tonight’s game!

Happy distractions!

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