Proudly display your medals with sporthooks

Hi all,

It’s been a busy week so sorry for not posting, but on an exciting front, less than a week until the Berlin Marathon!  Anyway as you all know one of the most exciting parts of completing a race for me is getting the medal!   Fortunately I’ve had a number of races this year in San Diego, Chicago, Portland, Pasadena, and Seattle so I have medals from all of those races as well as the heavy medals.  Well a company sprung up that makes some beautiful metal medal displays.  They’re called Sporthooks and I think that they’re a pretty small company, but one of the owner’s Marcey is really pleasant and easy to work with.

Heavy Medal Holder

I actually ordered the R ‘n’ R winged holder and had a little customization to it.  I had them add 2012 in the middle to symbolize all of the races that I will have run.  Fortunately with a quick e-mail to Marcey I was able to get a drawing within a day.  In fact within 2 days the rack was cut and put in the mail.  I finally hung the rack up this week and put the early medals on it and I think that it looks gorgeous.  I can’t wait until I get the last medals of the year.  Overall the rack is lovely and working with Marcey was a breeze!

Customized Heavy Medal Rack!

Happy Distractions!

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