Dodgers-Cardinals – Great Tickets via SeatGeek

Hi All,

So sometimes I like going to sporting events and because the Dodgers have been so great lately I figured it’d awesome to see them, especially after their epic trade!  Well I use a ticket searching service called SeatGeek.  Simply enter an event that you’d like to go to, in my case I typed dodgers and got a search result.  I then clicked on the date that I wanted to go and it searched numerous sites including ebay, vividtickets, stubhub, etc… and it puts prices that include shipping!

Sample Dodger Ticket Map

It even shows you where the “good value” tickets are by putting them in green.  I really like this and am not sure how their algorithm works, but it does put nicer seats (based on views/rows) as better value and then compares it to the actual cost of the tickets.  *Note you can’t actually purchase the tickets here and it will take you to the appropriate website*

I got great seats on the field in section 26, for an awesome price!  It was a great game, a pitcher’s duel between Lance Lynn and Josh Beckett right behind first base!

View of the Stadium with Sunset

St. Louis Cardinals from my seats!

Field view from our seats!

We could even see balls and strikes!

Foul Ball Territory!

So close to the action!

As you can see the seats were pretty good.  It was a very lovely game.  We even took advantage of getting a few beers.  Note: get the small ones, they’re a better bang for your buck! ($6.25/16 oz versus 10.25/24 oz. [0.39 cents per ounce versus 0.42]) You may have to get up a few more times, but the beer is cold that way!  Also we were in foul ball territory so a guy caught a ball a few feet from us!

Happy Distractions!

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