Rock n Roll San Diego 2012

So I’ve been missing my camera the past few days and finally got around to posting this, but here it goes.  Overall a really good trip and I had a lot of fun, so here’s a small report.  Unfortunately no air travel, but I did get a Hyatt stay in!

Travel to San Diego and Expo
Hyatt Regency Mission Bay/Sea World
Rock n Roll San Diego 2012 and Petco Park

As part of the Rock n roll Marathon Series, I’ve been training for 10 races this year and this past weekend was the San Diego race.  Fortunately for me, San Diego is just a hop-skip-and-a-jump away from Los Angeles.  My buddy Matt flew in from Chicago and we were able to get out pretty early on Saturday morning.  After a short 1-mile run to keep up my streak, we headed down the infamous I-5 to San Diego.  The drive was pretty quick, but every so often we’d hit traffic and in random spots too.  You’d think that once you get past Irvine there’s nothing much between there and San Diego, and that’s a true statement.  There were of course cool bikers and such on the road, but nothing that should’ve caused an accident.  Word to California Drivers, don’t be so aggressive.  It’s really obnoxious when a short drive to San Diego takes 3 hours!  Granted, it was scenic, but there was an accident and we unfortunately got the “black” traffic bar on google maps.  Anyway, we were able to get to San Diego in good time and made it straight to the Convention center.

Fortunately I had been to San Diego a month before for a conference so I knew my way around the convention center.  We quickly found parking and then hopped into the expo.  Now, I’ve only run 2 races prior to this and they were all inaugural runs, so they did not have large expo’s.  Apparently in San Diego, this is where RNR started so this is a big race.  I heard upwards of 30,000 people between the 1/2, full and the relay.  It was a really cool expo and there I was able to pick up a new Fuel Belt (I’ll review this later) as well as running socks!  I’m such a sucker for expo’s.  Anyway there was a surprise at the Expo, there were two folks from the Biggest Loser as well as an Olympian!

Can you guess who?

Well at the expo we were of course bombarded with samples.  Most of them are tasty, especially when you’re hungry.  But I absolutely can not stand the coconut water.  Apparently people like it, but seriously, if you need water, just drink water.  This time they were handing out full bottles of coconut water.  Never again!  This is my post to remind me never to drink coconut water again! Anyway, after the expo we wandered around the Gas Lamp a little and then were off to the hotel!  The Gas Lamp is a nice little district near the convention center with lots of restaurants and bars, but we figured we’d see it the following day at our free Padres game!

Welcome to the Gas Lamp

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