Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series

For those of you like me who like to set a goal and with that a reasonable goal with a reward, the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon series may be up your alley!  These races are supposed to be different because they have bands playing every 1-1.5 miles and a lot of course support for runners.  Now these races do cost more than other races, but they could be well worth it if you’re in it for the entertainment value.  They’re fun and it’s a really good way to get out and motivate yourself to run those extra miles, especially if you’re doing the RW summer challenge!

Now, I said that you can get rewarded, but how can you get rewarded?  Well, the RNR people have designed a wonderful way to encourage you to run more races.  With each successive race you’ll get a cooler medal.  So not only will you get a medal for running the race, but also an additional medal for complete a series of them.  These are their so called heavy medals.  Now, when my friend Matt told me about these and how he wanted to run 7 of these just to get the “Rock Legend” medal, I thought he was crazy.  However, the more I thought about it, I really thought that this was a great idea.  Why not combine two of my hobbies, travel and running, and make them mesh?  Well because I’m a little crazy/insane, I convinced him to run 10 of them with me this year and together we’ll both be “Rock Idols”.

Rock Idol Medal that I want!

Now I don’t have any of these medals at the moment, but I’ve run two races and I should get the Rock Encore medal in the mail shortly.  I’m really excited for this series as it will help me with my goals in terms of training and will provide a pretty clear goal at the end, run 10 races.  The races that I’m running this year are and you’re free to run any of them with me if you want!

Pasadena, CA
Portland, OR
San Diego, CA
Seattle, WA
Chicago, IL
New York City, New York – 10K
St. Louis, MO
Los Angeles, CA
San Antonio, TX
Las Vegas, NV

So here’s to collecting some “bling” and happy distractions!

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