Warning: Running in the Heat is miserable!

Alright, so today was not the best of days.  I was biking into work and the next thing I know, my bike starts producing a resistance from the back tire.  I have no idea why, but it did.  Apparently my tire is longer aligned and every time I try to bike it doesn’t let me go.  So on my way home I had to walk the ENTIRE way home.  Ok not a big deal.  I bought a spoke wrench and I’ll be on my way to fixing the spokes and re-aligning the wheel shortly.

Alright so onto the warning.  Today it was 94-ish degrees when I started my run.  I figured no big deal.  I run 6 miles all the time-ish and so it wouldn’t be a big deal.  Boy was I wrong.  I’ll never sleep in again.  I’m used to running in the cool morning weather where it’s 65-70 tops.  So today started out like any other run, I was going to do a little speed work, run the 1st casually, uptempo the next mile and then alternate accordingly every 1/2 mile.  Well, I was good for the first 5K, putting in about 9:20 miles.  Great right?  Well, I get to mile 4 and it’s like I hit a wall.  Granted I was sweating a lot, it was hot.  But still, my legs started feeling it and I was getting really thirsty.  By mile 5.5 I was done, my body couldn’t run anymore even at a slow pace.  I ended up walking the last 1/2 mile and made it home.

When I got back the only thing I wanted were nutrients and WATER.  I immediately made a smoothie and had a glass of water and then added crackers just to get some more carbs in.  I did pace myself to not get over hydrated and then took the most relaxing shower ever.  Anyway, even if you’re accustomed to morning runs and not needing water, the second you start running in heat, get water and pace yourself!  It’s ok, it prevented me from going longer.  When I hit mile 3 I felt so good I was like maybe I can do 8.  So good thing I didn’t!

So here are the monthly totals:

Miles: 88.03
Workouts: 17
Calories: 9,058!

Ok, now let’s see what we can’t do next month!  With 2 half marathons, I’m sure I’ll beat this month.

Oh and last night was wayyyy wrong in hockey so that puts me at 1-2 for -3.34 stars.  Today I’m going to go with the Dodgers because they’ve lost 3 in a row to Milwaukee on the Road.  Even though they have Kemp back, they can’t possibly get swept, or can they?  My labby line system, which I have yet to outline actually has me betting pretty hard tonight to clear the line.  But I’ll make this a 2 star play.  Good luck dodgers!

P.s.  If you can guess where I was last night, you’ll win some good karma!

Happy Distractions!

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