Day 3: Why I’m all smiles!

And it’s not because I went on a long run today, in fact I only went for 1 mile, but I’m still streaking!

Why I’m excited:  Yesterday before the close of the market, literally at 12:59 p.m. PDT I was able to get a few orders in:

1.  Buy SPY Jun 01 ’12 $135 Put for 1.62
2.  Sell SPY Jul 21 ’12 136/138 Call Spread for 0.8

Now these positions are awesome because yesterday was a big up day for the market with it trying to entice buyers to push a small rally, but if our thesis holds and there are underlying problems in the market, there’s no way we’re going further up in the long term.  I’ve decided arbitrarily that 1350 on the SPY will be a pretty large resistance barrier and so I took a stand, naturally a small position, but dang it feels good to be right.  Now you may ask how these pay.  Well for (1) if the SPY moves downward like it did today, I’ll make $100 for each $1.00 the SPY drops (roughly) and for (2) if the SPY closes below $136 on July 21st, I win about 40% for a simple outlay.

Now, I’m smiles because today was a down day, oil is down 2.5% and there is a lot of uncertainty in Europe.  The Euro is down to 1.24.  So far the play is paying off.  Position (1) is currently trading at $3 so I’m taking almost 95% profits!  Smile #1

Smile #2, I undercut a travel agent on a recent trip that I was able to book for my cousin.  It’s kind of funny, but in short, the travel agent wanted $1800 for a coach ticket ORD-HKG on dates that my cousin couldn’t even travel!  Through some saavy shopping and using techniques that I’ve outlined, I was able to knock down the ticket to about $1500.  Win!

Smile #3:  As part of my saavy shopping last night I went to Costco and that is always a daily deal.  There you can get a polish or a hot dog with a beverage for $1.50!  And since I’m still running I decided to get a slice of pizza for $1.99.  All in all $3.80 for all that’s below.  Now to be honest, not the best pizza that I’ve ever had, not the best polish I’ve ever had, but seriously less than $4 for dinner, I’m gonna call that a win!

Costco Pizza and a Polish

Smile #4 and Daily Pick:

Well last night, I also go the O/U right for the SAS/OKC game as well as getting SAS to cover, but that was a lean so I can’t take that.  It was a high intensity game that ended with 231, way over the 201 I needed.  If only I could be that right most of the time! Anyway, 1-1 for the season for -1.24 stars. For today let’s move to hockey.  Both teams are well rested and haven’t played for at least 5 days.  The devils just came off a very powerful win over the Rangers as the dog and the Kings are coming in favored for the series.  I see the devils trying to push this game and if they can control the tempo of the game then we’ll definitely see O4.5.  I also am of the belief that playoffs bring high intensity games that are there for the fans.  I think that while the goalie play is good, the Kings take tons of shots and eventually somethings gotta break through the wall.  The last time these two teams met (October 2011) they were under, but I think that was the Kings of the past.  They’ve played so well in the playoffs that I can see this game going over and will call this a 2 star play.

Happy Distractions!

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