Day 2 (Tuesday May 29th, 2012)

Wow, after my 4 miler yesterday I’d already run for 3 days straight, including a 11 miler and a fast 5K so today I was really not feeling the run.  Luckily, there is a plan and I’ve got to stick to the plan.  As I mentioned, I’m participating in a Summer Running Streak.  I think it’s a good way to get yourself up and running.  So today I went back to my roots and when I first started running I had a short 2 miler that I would do and sure enough it was painful today.  My legs were really dragging, but I was able to keep my spirits high thanks to my Katy Perry mix on Pandora!  The goal for today was to just go, keep the heart rate low and get my miles in.

That brings:
Weekly Total: 9.3 miles
Monthly Total: 81.1 miles
Calories Burned: 8,083

For all of my runs, I use my iPhone as a tracking device using the Mapmyrun software.  It’s one of the most amazing free apps out there as it will track your routes, give you splits and even send the information to your online account so you can check it on the web all for free!  Granted there are a few ads, but who isn’t ok with ads?

Splits and Elevation profile for a recent 5K

Yesterday I forgot to post my pick:  I think that today the MIA/BOS game will be Over 179.  With Miami playing at home, I can see a fast paced game out playing the celtics.  I expect Miami to hold up there end of the bargain, but not sure if the celtics offense can keep up.  Miami is expected to win by 8.5 so you can expect to see some slow play in the 4th quarter.  I think with the playoffs on the line that this game can get close and we’ll see some last minute scoring and lots of fouls.  I’d take this on a 3 star basis.

Well after watching that game I can’t say I’m upset about the pick.  By the half the celtics had shown up and we had a decent game.  Granted they never had the lead they didn’t look too shabby.  I was however disappointed in their 52% shooting from the line which really prevented the game from being close, which hurt the total.  There was also a lot of “strong defense” or sloppy play which resulted in my ultimate loss…

Oh well so far 0-1 for -3.24 stars

Today’s Pick: With the OKC/SAS playing at high intensity, we have seen some pretty high scores.  I think that with today’s game, we can expect to see another close nail-biter, but with the spurs coming out on top.  I’d lean with SAS -4.5, but like O201.5 a lot better, let’s go with 2 stars for O201.5 and hopefully we’ll see some high-end scoring!

Happy distractions!

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