Know your daily food deals!

As a follow up to a previous post on how I live cheaply, it is equally important to know your local daily food deals and to take advantage of them!  While graduate students don’t make a ton of money, they certainly have enough to eat food and can afford to go out for food every once in a while – they just have to be smart about it!  For example, I live in Pasadena, CA so there are many great deals that can be had and in fact I learned about a new one this week!

On Monday’s you can go to the Luggage Room and take advantage of their Neighborhood nights, where you can get buy one get one for $5 pizzas.  Now this is a great deal if you’re going to go with a large group of friends or even with just one other person.  They don’t have “traditional” pizza as they say, but they have a variety of pizzas that are just as tasty with fresh and local ingredients.  If you don’t like their original pizzas you can always add toppings, in fact they have a very nice list of free toppings: Roasted garlic, Basil, Fresno Chiles, Onion, Egg, Spinach, Fennel, Broccolini.

The atmosphere is really calm and feels open as they have a bar and you can sit outside.  It is Southern California after all!  It’s a small little gem in Pasadena and I’d recommend it for anyone who is looking for a small adventure.  In fact they have a delicious appetizer: Bacon-wrapped dates w/goat cheese, which I unfortunately did not get a picture of!  The pizza is tasty and don’t forget that when you leave, you can get a free salted chocolate chip cookie!  Just ask!

Shattuck Ave. – Burrata, Roasted Garlic, Piquillo Peppers and Balasmic Reduction

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