My first trip report!  Everyone get excited!  Just kidding, anyway a little background on this trip.  Last year I reached the coveted Executive Platinum status on American Airlines through a variety of mileage runs.  Well in order to take advantage of this status I decided that I would plan at least 2 international trips each year to utilize my System Wide Upgrades as well as further my wanderlust.  Fortunately, one of my friends, Val, has a friend who is teaching in France and it just so happens that her friend, who I’ll refer to as the guide will be ending her teaching stint right when we wanted to travel.  I was a little reluctant to travel as the “3rd wheel” on this trip, but I figured that it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit Europe with a french speaking friend.  I don’t have too many of them, so this would be a great.  And I’ve also never visited Europe before and I wanted to see if it would be feasible to visit foreign countries without really speaking the native language.  So, sit back, relax and enjoy!


I. Introduction
II.  American Airlines Business Class LAX-ORD-CDG
III.  Arriving in Paris; Park Hyatt Vendome
IV.  First adventures in Paris
V.  Second Adventure in Paris
VI. Travel from Paris to Zurich, staying in my first Hostel!
VII. Zurich; Park Hyatt Zurich
VIII.  American Airlines Business Class ZRH-JFK-LAX



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