So much uncertainty and a rookie mistake

Well, this has been an interesting week in the market… Even with Facebook’s IPO and some apparent stabilization we had 5 straight losing days.  I’ve opted to move out of the position I initiated last week for a loss.  But in the end, with the uncertainty I really don’t see us recovering by the June 16th date previously established.  As of now, I’m sitting mostly on cash and will try to “net” money as a colleague would say by not losing money.

In travel news, I flew Alaska Airlines today from LAX-PDX.  It was a pretty uneventful flight and I must say that I really enjoyed flying them.  Granted as an American Airlines Executive Platinum you can’t get an upgrade, but I can still book an exit row.  It was a short flight and I got to sit next to a nice couple who would also be running the Rock ‘n Roll Portland Half Marathon.  This is race #2 in my quest to obtain Rock Idol Status with the Rock ‘n Roll Program. 

I’m a little tired this week as I did a mattress run at the Hyatt Regency in Irvine last night, caught the 6:00 flight to Portland, Oregon, so today is definitely a rest day.  My friend Matt and I will be exploring the city today so that’ll be my small “workout” for the day and I’ll just go to sleep early for the run tomorrow.  I’ll be taking it slow as I’m still in training mode for the Berlin Marathon, but it’ll be a great way to pick up some extra miles for my training plan.

I’m currently in the Radisson Portland Airport after a quick stay at the Country Inn and suites Portland Airport.  Both of these stays utilized the Cash and Points option.  Basically Club Carlson let’s you book a room using cash and points and in this case it was 5,000 points + $60/nt.  Thanks to the Club Carlson promotions for the Big Night Giveaway and Stay one get One, I’ll get an extra 50,000 and 44,000 points for my stays at the Radisson and Country Inn and Suites respectively.  So I’ll net approximately 85,000 points for 120 in cash, what a deal!   And I actually needed one of the rooms.  These hotels are really not that bad and I may have to rethink my loyalty to Hyatt…

So my Rookie Mistake was that on my flight I went through security as usual showing my boarding pass and ID to the TSA agent.  Unfortunately I have the bad habit of keeping my ID and ticket together until I get through security.  After the rush of security, I was able to get my ticket and grabbed my things and went on my merry way.  Fortunately, saw a Bank of America ATM and thought that I could use some cash for my upcoming trip.  So I casually walk up to the ATM and pull out my wallet and flip out.  My ID is missing!  I frantically look in all of my belongings and nothing.  I head straight back to the secure area and look at the bins where I had put my stuff.  Thank goodness, after only 15 or so bins I see my ID sitting in the bottom.  I was soooo thankful that it all worked out.  But lesson learned, always put your ID back in your wallet even if you have to hold up a line!

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