Back! A few new things…

Alright, I’ve decided to try and get back into this. After thinking about it, it’s less about trying to get into sharing how to do airline stuff, but more about sharing my life. I’ve decided to re-call this: Grad School Distractions. For me, these are the hobbies that keep me busy and happy when things in grad school aren’t working. I hope that you enjoy!

So for today I’ll toot my own horn a little bit. With the worrisome economic news coming out of europe. Especially dissent in the Eurozone, it seems that we may be in a small stand-still. Also the old adage of sell in may and stay away seemed to be interesting so I entered a short-term trade on April 30th.

Sell Jun 16 ’12 140 Call 2.80
Buy Jun 16 ’12 145 Call 0.73

For each options contract I can get a maximum of 2.07, while risking up to 5.00 per contract. So far, after the French Elections, I’m doing really well as the SPY is currently trading at 136-ish. Let’s hope for the best as the next month and a half progresses.

Also this jetlag thing is a little rough. I was able to get up today no problem and went on a short 6 mile run through pasadena. Not as pleasant as around Lake Zurich or along the Seine, but I’ve got to get ready for my races this year!

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