Is this right?

I guess the question is:  Is this right to start a blog to share my experiences and thoughts on flying?  There are many blogs out there that share details on how to earn points on various airlines and hotel programs as well as others who just share their trip reports.  Many others express traveling on a budget, but they all have real jobs, so is this right to share my experiences?  I think so.  I’ve learned a lot in this past year from reading lots of blogs, compiling information and learning from the experienced travelers from various forums such as Flyertalk and milepoint. I hope that this collection of posts and Q & A will teach both you and me about the airline game in a friendly manner.

To start, I am a graduate student in southern California trying to get my Ph. D. in chemistry.  I do have a stipend, so I am not a poor student.  My stipend, does allow me to buy food, pay for housing and leaves a little bit left over for a hobby, so why not travel?  After graduation most of my friends decided to stay in the midwest or spread around the country, so fortunately I have places to go and people to see.

Going to the University of Illinois, there were two airlines that flew directly in to the airport (American 8x daily flights; Northwest 1x daily flight).  As a result, I grew a loyalty towards American Airlines (AA) and easily earned gold status (lowest-tier) on the airline.  This had some benefits, which I will discuss in a next post, and I was absolutely happy with the airline.  I had priority access, free bags, and exit row seating, and couldn’t want anything else.  Little did I know that there were other aspects to the game that I was missing and would soon learn about.

After a personal set-back earlier this year, I re-discovered my love of flying and with the help of others in the flying community and decided to go for Executive Platinum (EXP status).  Here’s what I started with in January 2011:
YTD Elite Qualifying Points      :    0
YTD Elite Qualifying Miles        :    0
YTD Elite Qualifying Segments:    0
Program to Date Miles    132,981

Hope all is well!

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